Day Care- A typical K9 Day 

Different dogs have different needs and I feel that why I offer suits most dogs. For dogs that need a bit more peace and quiet they can laze about while the others play. 

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Catherine's doggy care

I have 3 labradors and 4 rescue terriers and know only too well the feeling of guilt when we have to leave them to go to work or to go out for the day.

The aim of doggy day care is for your dogs to be treated like one of mine. My dogs and day care dogs are with me all day at my  farm and we have new facilities that will be open from September enabling us to have home comforts even in the middle of winter!

The structure of the day is a walk first thing around the farm checking all the animals at the same time, the dogs then have some free play before I spend time with them playing ball. Most dogs after this are ready for a bit of a rest so we have some timeout with some treats.  The whole day is based around physical and mental stimulation for the dogs with the occasional snooze.

After this most dogs are pretty exhausted and dogs are returned home from 4pm onwards.